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Heat Rash in Children


Heat Rash in Children

Active kids are prone to rashes of all sorts especially in this hot, humid temperature!1 Usually, this skin condition is a result of an irritation, infection, or allergy. The most common type of rash in children is called Heat Rash or Prickly Heat. Heat Rash appears as small red bumps that look similar to pimples or blisters, mostly in areas where there’s friction and sweat collects like neck folds, armpits, chest and back.2 Babies and kids are more susceptible to this because their sweat glands are less developed than grown-ups.3

Heat Rash typically clears up on its own, but it could make them feel uncomfortable, itchy, and prickly. To help your child feel more comfortable, use Johnson’s® Prickly Heat Baby Powder! It is enriched with special ingredients and benefits of Zinc that help soothe and protect skin from prickly heat rash with regular use.



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