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Tips To Play With Babies - The Trekker

Your little explorer will begin to walk on his own at about 9 to 12 months of age. Get your cameras ready!

Wobbly as his first steps might be, he’s actually hard at work developing his muscle strength and coordination.
Keep his knees and elbows moisturized with JOHNSON'S® Milk + Rice Lotion to avoid skin roughness.

Don’t worry if he’s taking his time. Most babies master walking on their own by 14 to 15 months.(source:


Tips for exploring the rough world

As your baby learns to stand, don’t give in to the temptation of lifting him up. Instead, show him to bend his knees so he can learn it on his own.

Encourage your baby to walk by standing in front of him and stretching out your arms.

While perfectly normal, tumbling can be rough on your baby’s skin. Make sure you moisturize his legs and arms with JOHNSONS® Milk + Rice Lotion to protect against skin dryness.

Avoid using baby walkers,which actually hinder the development of his upper leg muscles.

Those baby ballet flats that match yours might be adorable. But going barefoot actually helps to improve your explorer’s balance and coordination.
-- Bianca Gonzales


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