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Tips To Play With Babies - The Climber

Now that your little explorer has mastered the skill of walking and crawling, he’ll soon become even more adventurous and try to climb places like your kitchen table or the staircase.

Climbing is an important milestone that happens at 12 months old. It’s also the most challenging. Make sure you’re right next to your baby to watch out in case he or she falls. And keep limbs moisturized with JOHNSON’S® Milk + Rice Bath to prevent his skin from getting rough and dry.

In time, your little explorer will soon develop the coordination and muscles he needs to climb with confidence.


Tips for exploring the rough world

Stacks of sofa cushions and pillows are great places for your explorer to practice his climbing skills, especially at the very beginning.

Make sure bookcases and other furniture are securely fastened to the wall and clear shelves of anything that can fall on them.

Your little explorer’s knees and shins are more vulnerable to skin dryness.Make sure to nourish his skin by using JOHNSON’S® Milk+Rice Bath during bathtime.

My little Olivia can be too malikot at times and she’ll try to climb the stairs without me. Putting up gates by the stairs at home helped eased my worries.
-- Andi Manzano


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