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Tips To Play With Babies - The Crawler

At 8 months, your little explorer will start balancing on his hands and knees to move forward and backward.
Make sure to nourish these parts of his body with JOHNSON'S® Milk + Rice Lotion to prevent his skin from becoming rough.

Don’t worry if he tumbles, he’ll gradually learn to move confidently with practice.


Tips for exploring the rough world

Help your explorer develop the muscles he needs to crawl by placing him on his tummy instead of on his back.

Encourage crawling by placing toys just beyond your baby’s reach. This will improve his confidence.

Your little explorer might be feeling a little too adventurous. Make sure to keep him away from stairs until he’s mastered walking.

The skin his elbows, hands, and knees will need the most nourishment. Make sure to keep applying JOHNSONS® Milk + Rice Lotion on these areas.

Make sure your explorer’s onesie of made of breathable cotton that isn’t too tight. Otherwise, his skin might become irritated.
-- Bianca Gonzales


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