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As your baby grows, she’ll become more independent and start to explore. It’s fun to watch her discover new things, but it also means more baby clean ups.

Here are some ways to help your baby stay clean in between baths.

Newborn Freshening

Most pediatricians or midwives recommend bathing newborn babies 2 or 3 times per week, increasing the frequency as your baby gets older. Even though baby bathing doesn’t happen every day, make sure that the diaper area is kept clean at every diaper change, and that her face, skin folds under the chin and hands are cleaned after every feeding.

Master the steps to proper newborn bathing by watching this video


For those times when you’re out and about or when hand washing just isn’t convenient, you can still be comfortable keeping your baby clean and fresh when on the go. Our JOHNSON’S® baby skincare wipes are perfect diaper bag companions. JOHNSON’S® baby Skincare wipes have moisturizing essences and can clean better than soap and water.

Learn how to change a diaper by watching this demo.

JOHNSON’S® | How to Give Your Toddler a Bath

Toddler Bathing

Toddler Bathing

Make brushing your toddler’s teeth a part of his bathing routine.

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What About Germs

As your baby grows and starts to explore more, she’ll encounter more germs. Visit BabyCenter® to learn how to protect her.

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